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From Rob Adams:

The Ann Arbor Railroad's 250 single sheathed box cars numbered in the 11400-11649 series were ordered in January of 1924 from the Standard Tank Car Company of Sharon, Pennsylvania, and delivered in May of that same year. These forty-foot single-sheathed cars had zee-bracing, Hutchins roofs and ends and Andrews trucks. The 9' inside height along with an interior length of 40' 6" and interior width of 8' 6" defined their 3098 cubic foot volume. The overall length of these cars was 42' 1-1/2" and with an 80,000 pounds capacity.

When the Ann Arbor began renumbering its freight car fleet in mid-1929, the 11400-series cars became AA 73750 to 73998. For a several years, cars with the old numbers operated alongside units with the new ones, but the series was completely renumbered by late 1937 (based on ORER data). Originally delivered with vertical brake staffs, the cars later received Miner power brake gear (see photo above), reflecting the preference of the parent Wabash Railroad. The conversion may have coincided with the installation of AB air brakes to replace the original K style air brake appliances during the 1940's. Some cars also ended up with AAR trucks instead of Andrews. The car body and trucks were painted an oxide red-brown color with white lettering. In 1951, 25 of the 73750-series cars were equipped with battery loading racks and re-classed XAP. By 1955, that number had increased to 33, but declined afterward. The AA73750-73998 series cars were quite durable, and the series still numbered over 200 cars as late as 1955. There were still 37 of these cars in revenue service in October 1961, though all were gone by October, 1962.

More information about the AA73750-73998 series cars may be found in the Winter, 1993 and Summer, 1993 issues of The Double A, available from the Ann Arbor Railroad Technical and Historical Association.

AA 73750-73998 series box car, originally AA 11400-11649
Quantity: 250 cars
Built: 5/1924
Builder: Standard Tank Car Company, Sharon, PA
Sides: Z-braced single-sheathed, Howe truss
Ends: Hutchins
Roof: Hutchins dry lading
Trucks: Andrews or AAR
Door: 6' wood

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