Will Whittaker Photo

From Sunshine Models:

The Columbus & Greenville purchased three hundred Howe truss box cars from ACF in 1929. A drawing of the C&G cars shows the original doors had vertical tongue-in-groove sheathing and a horizontal channel instead of the angle used on other cars. Photos from a later era show a plywood sheathed door that retained the Creco door hardware and horizontal channel. It is this version that Sunshine Models has chosen to release. There were still fifty-six of the 3000 series cars in use in 1970.

The cars displayed a white pyramid with black outline and 'Delta Route' inside on the upper half of the door. Some photos show a box herald placed on the right side in the top of the section from the right (as shown above). During the late Steam Era, it was common to find the roof of these cars painted an aluminum color.

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