Joe Collias Photo, East St. Louis, IL, 1938

The Chicago Great Western rostered 1,500 steel box cars that were loosely representative of the proposed 1923 ARA box car design. The CGW's cars had some significant differences that in the final analysis made them quite different from the other box cars built to the proposed design. Differences include "reverse" panel doors, a unique rivet pattern and car bodies that were 9'1-3/4" wide over the side sills, a full three inches narrower than the other cars built to the design. Cars 85900-85998 received Duryea underframes.

Builder Date Series Start Series End Total Trucks Notes
P-S 1930-1931 85000 85998 500 Dalman Two-Level 85900-85998-Duryea underframe
P-S 1931 86000 86998 500 Dalman Two-Level
P-S 1933 87000 87998 500 Coil-Elliptic
All cars constructed by Pullman-Standard's Michigan City, IN plant

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