M&St.L yard, Mason City, IA, on 24 July 1971, Soph Marty Photo

The Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha subsidiary of the Chicago Northwestern was allocated 500 USRA 40-ton double sheathed box cars in series 36100-37098 (even numbers), built by American Car & Foundry. In 1941, 200 of the cars still on the roster were rebuilt from kits that included eight panel steel sides (note the apparent patching on the left side of car 1778 above, creating a "nine panel" side), end spacers that resulted in 5/ /5/5 ends and new Viking roofs on the existing Andrews trucks and fishbelly center sill underframes. The rebuilds were renumbered into the series 37100-37498 (even numbers). Eventually, they were renumbered into the lower numbers series as reflected in the car numbers shown in these photos.

Mason City, IA, 24 July 1962, Soph Marty Photo

Des Moines, IA, 6 April 1963, Soph Marty Photo

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