Canadian Car & Foundry Photo

The Canadian National purchased 9,653 copies of this Howe truss design single sheathed box car, making it one of the largest classes of box cars on the continent. The first 2,351 cars (503500-505850) were delivered with wood doors and subsequent cars (505851-513152) received Youngstown corrugated doors. However, during refurbishings such as the one for this car (as referenced below), it was not uncommon for the doors to become mixed when reattached. So a car that originally had steel doors could have been equipped with wood ones at refurbishing. Car 513081 was photographed after being refurbished by CC&F as part of Lot 1953 in April of 1951. Note the AB brakes and a Murphy rectangular panel roof, both changes from the as built configuration. For more information about these cars, see Mainline Modeler, xxxxx, 19xx.

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