HPT&D 424 (Collection of Ted Culotta)

High Point Thomasville & Denton (HPT&D) 424 at High Point, NC, ca. 1942.

In 1929, the HPT&D took delivery of twenty-five (401-425) furniture cars from Standard Steel's Baltimore Car & Foundry. The side sheathing followed the 1923 ARA Box Car standard. However, the 10'0" IH of these cars made them the tallest of the X-29/1923 ARA cars, taller than even the X-28/BPA Auto Cars of the PRR and N&W. The cars also had Duryea Cushion underframes.

According to the information on the back of the photo, car #404 was destroyed in a wreck on the MKT in 1946. All others still in service, twenty in interchange and four in use between local stations.

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