Charles Winters Photo

The Minneapolis and St. Louis received three hundred 40-ton USRA Double Sheathed Box Cars from Lenoir Car Works. The M&St.L augmented the original group with secondhand purchases from Hyman-Michaels in 1937, 1940, 1941 and 1942. The data for these cars is as follows:

Series Start Series End No. Cars Acquired Acquired From USRA or Clone
22000 22598 300 1919 Lenoir Car Works USRA
25000 25298 150 1937 Hyman-Michaels USRA
25300 25898 250 1940 Hyman-Michaels USRA
51000 51398 200 1941 Hyman-Michaels USRA
52000 52266 134 1942 Hyman-Michaels Clone

The preceding information was presented in Westerfield's Prototype Data Sheet for the M&St.L USRA Double Sheathed Box Car kits. For more information about these or other Westerfield kits, please visit the Westerfield web site.

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