Sirman Collection

In 1923, as compared to prior to World War One, the Northern Pacific found itself with a significant shortage of freight equipment. To remedy this, the road began a major program to rebuild the fleet. Between 1923 and 1932, the NP, through a combination of acquisitions and home building, added 4,500 double sheathed box cars to the roster. These cars were double sheathed, with fishbelly center sills and the trademark NP radial roof. The first 4,000 cars were delivered with 7/8 Murphy corrugated ends. The last 500 came with 3/5 Dreadnaught ends. All cars received a Miner Ideal lever type hand brake (see photo above). The construction information for these cars is as follows:

Series Start Series End Builder Year(s)
10000 10999 Western Steel 1923
11000 11999 American Car & Foundry 1923
12000 12999 General American 1923
13000 13499 Pullman-Standard 1925
13500 13999 Pacific Car & Foundry 1925
14000 14499 NP-Brainerd Shops 1931-1932

Excellent kits of these cars are available in HO Scale from Sunshine Models.

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