Sirman Collection

In 1920-1921, the New York Central constructed two different, adapted versions of the never built USRA steel box car. The first was nearly an exact copy of the USRA design consisting of 1,500 box cars and 250 auto cars, constructed by Standard Steel Car Co. The other design was much closer to the 1916 steel box cars that the New York Central built in significant numbers. This version consisted of 2,250 auto cars built by American Car & Foundry. However, in 1922 the NYC developed a different variant that would become its standard box car for the next decade. It was known as Specification 486 and twenty-one lots were built by four car builders over the next six years for a total of over 21,000 cars. The cars were 40' box cars with 8'7" IH. As was typical with the New York Central, these cars were renumbered into new lots over their service lives. In addition, most of the cars assigned to the NYC subsidiaries were renumbered as NYC cars in the 1930's & 1940's.

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Westerfield Data Sheets for Series 2900 & 3000 kits
Dimensions & Classification of Freight Car Equipment of the New York Central System, December 31, 1938 (revised June 30, 1944) and January 1, 1954

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