Photos courtesy of Vince Griesemer

The Frisco's 145500 series box cars were built in 1923, with 1,200 cars constructed. They were delivered with Samson radial roofs, fishbelly center sill underframes and seven foot doors. The wide doors were to accommodate automobile loading. However, they were soon deemed unsuitable for this type of lading. In 1937, 200 cars received Hutchins Dry lading roofs. In 1941, 1000 cars were rebuilt with steel sides in place of the wood sheathing. These cars received Murphy rectangular panel roofs. Interestingly, the original cars shared the same Samson radial roof as the 47700 series stock cars which were also built in 1923. They also shared the same USRA fishbelly underframe. In 1950, there were still 175 cars with wood sides. The original Murphy 7/8 ends were retained throughout all rebuildings. The rebuilt cars received several types of doors. The rebuilt steel sheathed cars received flat steel doors. Some of the wood sheathed cars were equipped with Youngstown corrugated doors but some of these cars also retained their wood doors.

Thank you to Vince Griesemer for sharing the data about these cars.

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