Collection of Paul Koehler

From Sunshine Models:

During the Late Steam era, the signature box car for both the Western Pacific and its subsidiary, the Sacramento Northern, was the 8' IH, 40'3" IL double sheathed box car. It was distinctive for its use of a massive exposed side sill, a design unique to the former Gould road. A simple Murphy metal sheathed roof was applied. Either indented Murphy or indented Dreadnaught ends were used. The A end had a lumber door. In 1948, this car was the largest single box car design on both the WP and SN.

These modest-sized cars, purchased in 1917-1918 and rebuilt in the Thirties, lasted into the 1950s. They were the WP series 16001-18500, with 2,072 cars in 1932, 1,222 in 1941, 503 in 1948 and 21 in 1956. In 1941, the WP handed down twenty-eight cars to the SN. They were numbered 2301-2328, with twenty-eight cars in 1948 and twenty-seven in 1953. They lasted until 1969. The WP cars rode on Andrews trucks, except for a block of 30-ton cars in the 316001 series with arch bar trucks. The SN cars used both types of trucks with the arch bar trucks being for on-line WP/SN/T-S service.

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