Standard Steel Car Company Photo

The Wheeling & Lake Erie received 1,000 box cars, numbered 25000-25999, from Standard Steel's Butler, PA plant in 1925. They were exact copies of the Pennsy's "1924" X29 box cars, including the same side sheathing pattern, split K-brakes, 2DF4 trucks, six rung ladder/single drop grab combination on the sides, Carmer cut levers, lap seam riveted roof, 5-1/2" crosstie spacing and 9'9-1/4" crossbearer spacing. Note the lack of a second grab on the left end of the side of the car. The WLE was rather lackadaiscal about adding the second grab to these cars. In the late 1940's the Nickel Plate began to letter the cars for itself after its acquisition of the WLE.

For information about the X29/X28/1923 proposed ARA/M-26 box cars, click here.

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