Long Island Railroad, Collection of Ted Culotta

There is no easy place to put this photo, so the Title Page of the Gallery section seems most appropriate. This photo was taken by the Long Island Railroad in 1947, for what purpose is not readily evident. However, we are the beneficiaries of this photo for one main reason (in a moment). In the foreground are the ends of two cars - the B-end side of one of the GN's numerous truss rod box cars (Funaro & Camerlengo offers several different versions of this car in resin in HO scale - kits 3700-3703) and the B-end side of one of the LIRR's Class GR (PRR) gondolas, 494908 (again offered by F&C as kit 5001). Note the PRR Class 2DF8 50-ton trucks on the LIRR gon. The main benefit of this photo, though, is that it disproves a commonly held notion among model railroaders. Looking between the GN and LIRR cars, one can clearly see a Milwaukee Road stock car. The photo was taken at an LIRR yard outside New York City. Contrary to popularly held myths, Midwestern and Western stock cars did make their way to the East Coast and not as anomalies, but part of regular stock movements. So, if you model the East Coast, you are perfectly justified in having such stock cars in your consists.

From Ian Clasper:

"Non revenue cars on the Pennsy (inc LI) were painted light gray and re-numbered into 49X XXX number range series. Also note, the air hoses are not connected between the gon and the boxcar. I wonder if there is a B1 attached to the other end of the Gon ?"

"I do not have any specific data on this car however I believe we are looking at a car float reach car. I was doing some research about the car float operations, and was told (by a retired LI employee who worked the floats) that Gons were used for this purpose. This I believe is the first photo of one that I have seen."

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