Models - Tank Cars

EBAX 3064

Andrew Miller Photo

Attached are two photos of a 4,000 gallon Ethyl tank car I kitbashed.  Unfortunatly I kitbashed them two ready-to-run cars that are no longer available.  The car body and frame came from an IHC "Olde Time" tank car, while the dome came from an old AHM chemical tank car.  You can see them in the photo of "Ethyl's Ma & Pa".

The decoration was done by doing my artwork on the computer in PowerPoint and printing the result out on clear plastic made for overhead trasnsparencies.  The white was painted on the back of the plastic since the printer does not do white.  This wrapper was then wrapped around the tank.

The Ethyl Corp had a large fleet of these in the 50s, when it carried tetraethyl lead - the gasoline additive. Several other companies also had 4,000 gallon cars, but AFAIK no manufacturer has ever made a model of one.  Elsewhere on the STMFC site there is a photo of a Dow car for (I think) nitric acid.

Modeler: Andrew Miller