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NC&St.L 16294

Bill Schneider Photo

Nashville Chattanooga & St. Louis #16294 36' Fowler design box car

About this car, Bill wrote:

One of my recent rolling stock projects has been to duplicate cars that actually appeared on the NYO&W in Livingston Manor during the time I model. This project was spurred on by a set of waybill copies sent to me by Wayne Levitt, who lived in "The Manor" most of his life. This car was delivered to the freight house (which was by 1953 was being used by a feed dealer) with a load of fertilizer.It left with a load if empty fertilizer bags. Apparently these were treated much like deposit soda bottles and returned for re-use. My model of this car is a Westerfield resin kit and is pretty much straight from the box

Modeler: Bill Schneider