Carmer Cut Levers and Route Card Holders from Free State Systems

Free State Systems has released two extremely useful parts for the Steam Era freight car modeler. The first are their etched route card holders. This particular version of the route card holder was common on several prototypes and, to date, has only been available on brass imports. It allows modelers to add the correct part in situations where they have been unable to in the past. The other offering is one that many modelers, especially those recreating Pennsy and USRA prototypes, have been craving for years - durable and accurate Carmer cut levers. The set contains nine pairs of levers to recreate some of the most common types (there were differences among the levers depending upon the prototype car on which they were components.) While thw Westerfield additions their kits are beautifully rendered, they are extremely fragile and prone to breakage. These eliminate that problem and also come in a scale-sized profile. The different types that are included in the set are described below. The route card holders are $5.00 per set and the Carmer cut levers are $20 per set, both including postage. I urge you to support these worthy efforts in the hopes that they will result in additional parts. Free State Systems can be reached via email.

Number of pairs of each: 1-Type A; 2-Type B; 2-Type C; 3-Type D; 1-Type E.